"If only time had been so kind to us, would we have fulfilled eternity."
Tiny Hand With Heart

I’m abandoning this blog.

I’m still keeping it because well… it’d be nice to look back upon when I get older. Maybe have another laugh about.

Thank you, guys.

❝I close my eyes but can’t fall asleep, my body dying for rest while my mind’s wide awake.❞
— Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore  (via musaeg-uii)

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Toronto Subway | Canada


Toronto Subway | Canada

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Plot Twist:All exams got cancelled because the government finally realise that they are actually just marking your memory and not your intelligence and teenagers should be experiencing life and having a good time instead of sat revising bollocks their not going to use in the future

10. Sucking on that Tampon? Yolo? @Jreyez

"And just know that… JReyez doesn’t care." 

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